It’s Time to Put the Overnight Back Into Overnight Camps

Summer camps are not just home to outdoor fun, but also host a variety of different overnight activities.

Most summer camps have some sort of dining hall or communal area where the campers can gather for meals together and socialize. Camps do this so that kids have more free time to hang out, play games, and engage in group activities and festivals around the fire.

Campers are typically given a schedule that outlines which activities they should be doing at certain times of the day. Some summer camps have a very full schedule, while others offer campers more flexibility. There are also summer camps that will provide their campers with a packed schedule and give them less free time to make their own choices.

These are all great attributes of a summer camp. However, none of them include overnight activities. Summer camp overnight activities vary by camp. Some summer overnight activities, are more popular than others. Activities such as camping and hiking, are common. Many summer camps also offer one or two specialty overnight events during the summer program’s season. These special overnights often allow campers to learn about different cultures and lifestyles. 

No matter what the overnight camp activity is, they all share a common theme. As the night grows cold they culminate with festivities around the fire. Singing camp songs and roasting marshmallows, has led to this summer camp tradition to be fondly known as the Fyre Festival of Camp Quinebarge.

Camp is a time for kids to have fun, learn new skills and make lifelong friendships. Whether it’s archery or kayaking, the counselors at Camp Quinebarge are ready to help your child find something that suits their interests. Do you have any favorite overnight summer camp activity? Join us this year to see if we can top your list!

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