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The Importance of Camp State and ACA Licensing and Accreditation

The health and safety of our campers and staff is the most important thing any camp can offer. New Hampshire camps are all licensed by the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) each year. DHHS also visits each camp annually to ensure they are in compliance with the state regulations for summer camps and daycare facilities.

Camp Quinebarge is proud to meet and exceed these licensing requirements. For instance, where the state requires a lifeguard-to-swimmer ratio of 1-to-25, Quinebarge generally has a 1-to-10 or fewer ratio. This number is even lower when we add in staff ‘watchers,’ who can perform buddy checks, keep an eye on kids on the beach and provide extra eyes on the water for lifeguards. Likewise, all our lifeguards are certified to the American Red Cross Lifeguard standards by an accredited ARC LG Instructor. Also, on the waterfront, buddy checks are required every 15 minutes, whereas Quinebarge adds an additional spot check at the 7.5-minute mark. Our motto throughout camp but especially on the waterfront is, “ABC – Always Be Counting.”

The state works closely with camps to ensure licenses do not need to be revoked, providing a checklist, answering questions, assisting with Covid tests, and more, and Quinebarge is pleased to be licensed by the state of New Hampshire and to help work to ensure all camps are as safe as possible each summer. DHHS also requires all staff 18+ to receive background checks annually.

Camp Quinebarge is also accredited by the American Camp Association (ACA), which has about 230 standards covering health, safety, transportation, food, and other guidelines. ACA accreditation is renewed annually and re-certified every five years, which includes a site visit. Since 1936, Quinebarge has always shared ACA’s goal of creating safe, healthy, and positive camp environments for campers and staff.